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Волчий менталитет

Привет всем,

Я сейчас наблюдаю момент сбивания в стаю в своей команде. Потеряв сильного и властного назначеного лидера, члены команды немного дизориентировались и многие запросились на ручки. Это прекрасная возможность для человека, мечтающего о реальной власти её заполучить.

Гарантированная защита и корм, плюс разделеная ответственность за возможные проступки - вот основные плюшки, которые кажутся привлекательными большинству людей.

Ниже под катом занимательная статья, в которой идея волчьего пака подана в достаточно позитивном ключе. Как человек, увлекающийся криминальной психологией, я не могу не отметить, что агрессивность пака много выше агрессивность отдельно взятых членов "стаи". Также мне лично неблизка идея дружить против всех.

Команда и стая имеют между собой много общего. Мне идея самоорганизующейся команды, где каждый проявляет свои лучшие качества и не нуждается в лидере, казалась изначально утопичной. В scrum команда лидируется scrum master, который лидер-служитель.

Несмотря на название, такой лидер не берет на себя роль няньки, а оставляет за командой право принимать решения и действовать самостоятельно.

Альфа-волк все же не лидер-служитель, он-нечто другое.

Для тех, кто читает по-английски и/или знаком с темой: в чём по-вашему основные различия между командой и паком и верите ли вы в группы без иерархий? Нравится ли вам идея построения групповой иерархии по принципу волчьего пака?

My favourite animal is the wolf… as in I relate to it often. And I’ve noticed that humans and wolves aren’t so different when it comes to pack mentality (besides being one of the few animals that take a mate for life… awwwww).

(but unlike humans, wolves deserve to be on this world)

But anyway… getting back to my point. Your standard wolf pack works in this order: First you have the leader.. the Alpha. In the wolf world, the Alpha can be male or female and gets there by fighting their way to the top. The prove that they are the strongest so that the pack feels safe to follow them. Next in line are the second in command. These are the wolves that still have a strength of their own.. sometimes they challenge the Alpha for the position of leader. They follow the leader and respect the leader but still have strengths of their own. Next are the followers. these are the wolves that follow without question as long as they eat and are safe. They follow the Alpha wholeheartedly. And last but not least is teh Omega. The bottom of the chain. These wolves are often bullied and pushed aside.. they do not feed until everyone else has eaten. They are end of the line. Some are foolish in thinking they can take on the Alpha but are more often than not put back in their place. They have a constant battle to prove themselves to the pack.

So does any of this sound familiar? Because this pack menatlity is evident in the human world. How many people do you know that are born leaders.. even of they don’t realise it themselves. How many followers do you know? How many Omegas? Like it or not, this is how society works. When you start a new job you are automatically an Omega… (unless you’ve been called in as top dog and have a reputation).. you start at the bottom and work your way up (hopefully) to a comfortable position. Some people feel happy in the ‘followers’ position… not too much responsibility but still safe. Some people are ambitious… not ambitious enough to want all the responsibility so they go as far as the semi-leaders… the theer are those who are unstoppable. They keep going until they are at the top of the ladder.

This pack mentality doesn’t just apply to the working world though… I guarantee it’s in your group of friends too. I never thought it would affect groups I was in but I was wrong. The pack mentality is in every group. There is always a leader (official or unofficial) or even a few competeing for the place as leader. There are always those loyal to the leader but strong enough to carry themselves in the group too and do their own thing. There are always those who are happy to be followers, never want to control anyone just happy to follow the rest, and there are always the Omegas, fighting for the groups affections and respect.

And that is the key word that humans use to describe pak mentality: respect. If you have no respect for someone, in your eyes they are below you. They are a step down the chain. If you have absolute respect and admiration for someone so much that they are your role model then they are, in your eyes, above you (or perhaps on your level). I’ve seen this behaviour in humans my whole life. In so many different aspects I have played every part of the pack.. I have been the Omega, I have been the quiet follower, I have been the second in command and on a rare occasion I have been lucky enough to be the Alpha. But these titles or positions do change. Just because someone might be the Alpha amongst their friends, does not mean they’re not the Omega in their work place.

It’s definately something interesting I’ve seen and observed in people and I try to watch out for. Once I can see what status a person holds I know exactly how to work them therefore holding my own. Look out for it in people and find yourself.. find out where you stand within your pack. It is a natural trait in people. Accept what you are and you will find society a lot easier to deal with. Putting people in this light is natural… once you identufy where people stand.. you know how far you have to go to beat them (or befriend them if you’d rather that! lol)

There’s always the path of the lone wolf too though…

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